Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Take on Microsoft TechEd 2014 Australia

I had a chance to attend Microsoft TechEd 2014 in Sydney this week and here is my brief take on it:

Keynote Speaker
Scott Guthrie was there as keynote speaker. Of course, ASP.NET/.NET developers know him very well! I was excited to see him there.

Microsoft Azure lands in Australia
It was the biggest announcement of the conference with two local data centres in New South Wales and Victoria.

New Features in Microsoft Azure
Azure Marketplace, Azure RemoteApp, Application Insights, Web Jobs, Event Hubs, DocumentDB, Machine Learning, Azure Search, Web Jobs…

Internet of Things
It was about connected devices and development tools.

New Visual Studio + ALM
Latest versions of Visual Studio and TFS features, ASP.NET vNext preview, TFS Rest API, Application Insights.

Project "Orleans" 
Microsoft’s new framework for scalable cloud services using Actor pattern.

Microsoft Azure Document Database
A new schema-free and NoSQL document database.

Azure Mobile Services
Build mobile apps, using heterogeneous data sources, offline connectivity and synchronization , push notifications and authentication.

Application Insights for Visual Studio Online
Application Insights for Visual Studio Online lets you monitor your deployed live application.

Microsoft Release Management
A tool for automated simultaneous deployments.